SOS Ocean Conservation Gear

"we are constantly ocean inspired"

Ocean Gear designed with a passion to protect our ocean and living corals


Stoked On Salt Ocean Conservation Gear is designed with the passion for the sea

to help preserve and protect our living coral reef ecosystems

Stoked On Salt has noticed that more and more of our living coral reefs are experiencing severe decline due to debris, divers touching the corals, anchor damage and environmental factors. We feel it is important to help preserve and protect our living coral reef ecosystems by organizing local Ocean, Beach and Waterway cleanups to help increase public awareness. That is why a portion of proceeds benefit SOS Ocean Clean Up and local non-profit Ocean Conservation Organizations.

SOS Ocean Clean Up is a local ocean conservation group that is comprised totally of volunteers ages 4 to 86. The volunteer group was created in 2014 because of our intense desire to protect our local treasures, the beautiful beaches and coral reef. All our debris data is weighed and documented by SOS volunteers at every event.

But we do not stop there....

Once the debris is thoroughly cleaned, owner/artsit Lisa Miceli paints murals, driftwood art and produces paint classes using these items as painting tools. The SOS Debris Paint Nites help bring awareness to the types of trash that is being left behind on the shoreline and into the ocean which can destroy marine, and ultimately, human life.

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