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Ocean Gear designed with a passion to protect our ocean and living corals


SOS Debris Paintings

created using beach debris from SOS Ocean Clean Up events

Call me "Beach Baby" as I have lived in Ft. Lauderdale since I was three months old with the beach as my "backyard." That beginning has developed into a life-long passion for all things ocean-related.

Unfortunately, I have also had the opportunity to witness our living coral reefs slowly disappear due to debris, anchor damage and other environmental factors. Since that was completely unacceptable to me, in September of 2014, I created "Stoked On Salt"- a women's dive apparel company, and a volunteer cleanup group called SOS Ocean Clean-Up. To my great satisfaction," the volunteer group consists of 2,000 TEAM SOS volunteers ages 5 to 85 years old.

It is absolutely essential that we preserve and protect our living coral reef ecosystems! To achieve this, I organize frequent local ocean, beach and waterway cleanups. In addition, I express my passion through the designs of my Stoked on Salt clothing and artistic creations to help increase public awareness. A percentage of proceeds are donated to Ocean Conservation groups and also benefits all the SOS cleanup events and supplies.

My SOS Mission is to educate the public as to how debris has a devastating effect on the ocean's sea life and living coral reefs. This begins by stopping the trash flow at its source, before it can reach the water. We as snorkelers and divers spend a great deal of time in the water. As a result, we often are the first to see the short and long- term changes in the aquatic environment. This makes us uniquely qualified to call attention to the threats that the underwater world faces.

Of course, we also have a important responsibility to protect the aquatic environment whenever we interact with it. None of our waste belongs in the ocean - Yet it continues to make its way to the most remote ocean places and can remain for generations. Much of our waste products do not biodegrade and many plastics, for example, break down into smaller fragments, thus posing danger to marine life and human health. Every year tens of thousands of marine animals and seabirds die from eating or getting tangled in marine debris.

I have been painting my unique pieces of art without using paint brushes, but by using debris items previously found at the SOS Ocean Clean Up events These include fishing lures, toothbrushes, sea sponges, bottle caps, sea grapes, straws, plastic, etc. I use anything I feel that will give me the texture that I am seeking for the piece. The frames are created using old pallet wood. I am using these items to help bring awareness to the types of debris that are being left behind on the shoreline and into the ocean which can destroy marine, and ultimately, human life.

Therefore, I carefully create my designs to help bring awareness to a certain marine species that is endangered or close to extinction and to also help bring awareness to help conserve and protect over 100 linear miles of our natural coral reefs that stretch offshore between Miami-Dade and Martin Counties. 

At this time we are currently painting a Mural using only beach debris on the ocean-side of the Windjammer Resort in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL. 

SOS Debris Art 'Framed Prints' available for purchase  

8 inches x 10 inches   and    11 inches x 13 inches 

Each SOS print is uniquely framed with Pallet Wood and personally signed by Artist, Lisa Miceli.  

You will receive:

•• Pieces of the debris used to create SOS Debris Paintings and an

SOS Greeting Card to help share our SOS Mission story to friends and family.  

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Every purchase supports the SOS Ocean Clean Up events and local non-profit groups throughout the year.  

Thank You for all your support and for caring for our ocean!

Original Paintings Available for purchase.  Please send us an email for more information.


Hand-Painted on Canvas using the Debris :  

Toothbrush, Sea Grape, Sea Sponge, Palm From and Bottle Cap


Hand-Painted on Canvas using the Debris :  

Toothbrush, Rusty Nails, Sea Sponge, Sea Nut, Plastic Straw and Fishing Lure Float 


Hand-Painted on Canvas using the Debris :

Toothbrush, Metal Paint Can Opener, Rusty Screw and Plastic Fragments


Hand-Painted on Pallet Wood using the Debris :

TSea Sponge, Dinosaur Toy, Plastic Fragments and Fishing Lure


Painted on Canvas using the debris : 

Sea Sponge, Cloth, Plastic Fragments and Tooth Brush


 Painted on Canvas using the debris :

"The Joker" childrens toy, Burlap, Sea Sponge, Palm From, Wine Cork and Tooth Brush


Hand-Painted on Pallet Wood using the Debris:  

Toothbrush, Plastic Toy Car, Rusty Nail, Plastic Bottle Cap, Monofilament Nylon Fishing Rope


Painted on Canvas using the debris :  

Mangrove Seed, Rusty Nail and Sea Sponge


Hand-Painted on Canvas using the Debris:

Toothbrush, Sea Sponge and Screw Driver

In Loving Memory of SOS Volunteer & Friend

Nancy P. Fawcett, M.D.

Feb. 13, 1931  -  Sept. 16, 2016

Hand-Painted on Canvas Debris that Nancy Collected:

Fishing Bobber, Plam Tree Nut, Plastic Hair Comb, Sea Sponge and Champagne Cork


Painted on Canvas using the debris :  

Toothbrush, Sea Sponge, Palm From and Eyelash Brush

Customized Wood Book Boxes

Painted on Wood using debris


   Hand-Painted on Pallet Wood using the Debris: 

Sea Sponge, Palm From, Cork and Plastic Fragments


   Hand-Painted on Pallet Wood using the Debris: 

Sea Sponge, Toothbrush, Fishing Weight and Rusty Nails


Hand-Painted on Pallet Wood using the Debris left behind on the beach from 2017 Spring Breakers:  

Sea Sponge, Tarp Stakes, Plastic, Beer Caps and Monofilament Line


Painted on Canvas using the debris :  

Sea Sponge, Cloth, Palm From, Fishing Lure and Sea Grape

SOS Debris Art at the Marine Environmental Education Center

Protect Our Coral Reefs Mural in progress...

Visit the Mural at the Windjammer Resort in LBTS