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About Stoked On Salt and SOS Ocean Clean Up



‘SOS Ocean Clean Up’ is a local ocean conservation group comprised totally of volunteers ages 4 to 85. This organization was created by Stoked On Salt owner Lisa Miceli-Capano in 2013 because of her intense desire to protect our local treasures, the beautiful beaches and coral reef.

SOS Ocean Clean Up routinely partners with Vone Research (a local 501(c)3 nonprofit) to provide community service hours to all the students who participate in the clean up events. Participants include Girl Scouts, IGFA volunteers, summer campers, businesses and local students as well as scientists, residents and tourists. The eager volunteers travel from as far away as the Florida Keys, West Palm Beach, Miami and Naples.

All the SOS events are free, educational and family friendly. Educational materials are supplied by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Coral Conservation Program, Project Aware Dive Against Debris, NOAA, The National Save The Sea Turtle Foundation, Shark4Kids, Reef Relief and Friends of Our Florida Reefs, to name a few. The hundreds of participants at the SOS events always enjoy themselves and feel immensely rewarded for making a difference in the local environment.

SOS has been a member of the Project Aware Dive Against Debris Program since 2014. All the debris data is weighed and documented by volunteers at every event. This step is essential! Once reported, our Dive Against Debris data enters a global database to help support the development and implementation of policies to improve solid waste management, locally and globally.

Stoked On Salt 

offers ocean conservation clothing designed with the passion for the sea

to help preserve and protect our living coral reef ecosystems

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